American microbiologist and educator.  Born in St. Louis, MO,  Sept 23, 1893.  Died in Haverford, PA on May 6, 1975.  Married Emily Borie Hartshorne, Sept 12, 1922.  Four children, Emily Mudd Mitchel,  S Harvey Mudd, Margaret C Mudd and John H Mudd.   Recieved B.S, Princeton 1916,  A.M. Washington University, St Louis, 1918,  M.D Harvard University, 1920.   Research fellow Harvard, 1920-23, Associate, Rockerfeller Institue 1923-25,  Associate and assistant professor of experimental pathology,  Henry Phipps Institute, University of Pennsylvania 1925-31.  Professor and Head, Dept of Microbiology, University of Pennsylvania 1931-59.  Chief, microbiologic research program,  VA Hospital, Philadelphia, 1959-75.  Member of various societies, including President, American Human Serum Association (1940-41),  President ASM (1943),  President Histochemical Society (1952),  President International Association of Microbiological Societies (1958-62).  Recipient of several awards and honors including the Guggenheim Honor Cup and John Fleming Medal.   The Annual Studart Mudd Memorial Lectureship was named out of respect to him; the Stuart Mudd Chair in Biology at Harvey Mudd College, and the Stuart Mudd Award was organized by the Wold Academy of Art of Science.  Author/co-author of over 275 scientific papers and several bookds dealing with diverse topics in biology, chemistry, microbiology, the population crises and the use of world resources, and conflict resolution and wold education.  (Ref:   Porter JR,  1979,  Stuart Mudd: A Microbiologist to Remember,  ASM News,  American Society for Microbiology).