National Outreach

o   Developed and published Learning About Microbes:  A Laboratory Manual that was designed for middle and high school students.  Published by J. Weston Walch.

o   Historical microbiological map for the 109th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology held in Philadelphia in May, 2009

o   Serving as judges for county and regional science fairs

o   Sponsor yearly Education Program Speaker as part of the monthly Branch meeting series   

·      Presentations to the General Public

o   Library presentation at Berwyn Public Library

o   Franklin Institute Program on HIV

o   Philadelphia Science Festival-April 2012

·      Specialized Presentations to the Scientific Community

o   Montgomery County Science Teachers’ Association:  Yearly programs and the list below indicated the breadth of the topics presented [include some photos from 2010]

§  Tobacco Mosaic Virus

§  Lichens and Symbiosis

§  Discovery Box

§  Glo-germ

§  Serial Dilutions

o   Pennsylvania State University Summer Camps:  Math Options for Girls [pictures] – 2010

o   Chestnut Hill College – PAGES Program

o   High School Lectures and Lab Experiences

§  Masterman High School – HIV Experiment

§  Academy of the New Church – Environmental Populations

o   Microbial Discovery Workshops for Science Teachers

§  Weekend programs and full-week programs[list number of programs]

·      Continuing Education Programs for Seniors

o   Ann’s Choice Program

§  Influenza

§  Extraterrestrial Microbiology

o   Center for Learning in Retirement Program at Delaware Valley College

§  Microbes That Shook the World

o   Graeme Park

§  Yellow Fever

·      Mentoring High School Students for Science Fair Projects
Some examples of topics include:

o   Prevalence of bacteria in raw milk compared to pasteurized milk

o   Antimicrobial properties of Neem extract

o   Isolation of bacteriophages from rumen fluid

o   Plant growth promoting bacteria