Alcohol Prep Pads, Swabs And Swabsticks Recalled Due To Possible Bacillus Cereus Contamination

07 Jan 2011

After some isopropyl alcohol prep pads, alcohol swabs and alcohol swabsticks were found to have potential Bacillus cereus contamination, The Triad Group has announced a voluntary recall. The company stresses that both its Sterile and Non-sterile marked products form part of this recall.

The company added:

“We are, out of an abundance of caution, recalling these lots to ensure that we are not the source of these contaminations issues”

The products have been marketed in the United States, Europe and Canada under various labels, including:

  • Boca/Ultilet
  • Cardinal Health
  • Conzellin
  • CVS
  • Moore Medical
  • PSS Select
  • VersaPro
  • Walgreens

The affected products may also be identified with the “Triad Group” listed as the manufacturer.

If the prep pads, alcohol swabs or alcohol swabsticks are tainted, there is a risk of life-threatening infection for the patients, especially those whose immune systems are weak, as well as individuals who have undergone surgical procedures.

The Triad Group says that just one non-life-threatening report has been received; a skin infection.

These products are used before an injection to disinfect the area. They have been distributed throughout the USA, according to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and sold in pharmacy shops in a box of 100 packets.

Triad Group customers who sell the products wholesale to hospitals and retail outlets have been notified by certified mail, with instructions on how to send them back.

If you have any of these products do not use them, take them back to where you bought them for a full refund or telephone 262-538-2900 (Triad customer services, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4pm Central Time).


Written by Christian Nordqvist 
Copyright: Medical News Today

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