We are excited to share that the 2024 ASM Awards and Prize nominations are now open and we will accept nominations until June 26, 2023. The American Academy of Microbiology (Academy), ASM’s honorific leadership group and think tank, will select the recipients of 17 ASM awards and 1 microbiome data prize, recognizing individuals for their outstanding contributions to microbiology.   

Research Focused Awards:
Early Career Applied and Biotechnological Research
Early Career Basic Research
Basic Research
Early Career Environmental Research
Environmental Research
D.C. White Award for Interdisciplinary Research
Microbiome Date Prize

Education Awards:
Graduate Education
Carski Award for Undergraduate Education

Clinically Focused Awards:
Early Career Clinical Microbiology Research (new)
Research or Leadership in Clinical Microbiology
Scherago-Rubin Award for Clinical Microbiology
Elizabeth O. King Award

Service Focused Awards:
Award for Service
Moselio Schaechter Award in Recognition of a Developing Country Microbiologist
William A Hinton Award for Advancement of a Diverse Community of Microbiologists

ASM Awards honor exceptional contributions by our members.  We know we have a very large community and numerous individuals who deserve such an award and the national recognition that follows.  In order maintain strong support for these awards from the ASM,  we urge you take the time to nominate individuals for the above awards.   While only one individual can be selected for each award, nominees who are not selected remain in the nomination pool for the next award cycle so have additional opportunities to be considered.     

We invite you to identify and nominate individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those from underrepresented communities. Please share this opportunity with your colleagues and networks. We appreciate your nominations and your efforts to make a difference in the careers of outstanding microbiologists.  

Descriptions and nomination process can be found on the ASM website:  asm.org/awards

If you have questions about the nomination process or need other information, please feel free to contact Dr. Irving Nachamkin, Chair, ASM Subcommittee on Awards