Patricia Ann Shields, Ph.D.
Principle Lecturer and Active Learning Coordinator
Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
University of Maryland

“Breaking the Las Vegas Syndrome: Using Student Learning to Change the Biology Classroom”

Almost all first and second year biology classes, like freshman Biology or introductory Microbiology serve as prerequisites for a host of upper-level classes.  Yet many times, we see that material presented in those classes stays in those classes.  We call this the “Las Vegas Syndrome” – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  We have invested effort in trying to understand how our students engage with classroom material, and have translated this into classroom activities in our first and second year classes that not only encourage learning but are designed to enhance retention.  In this presentation, we will focus on student feedback about lessons we have developed that ‘stick with them’ beyond the doors of the classrooms and discuss insights into the types of activities that seem to be effective for recalling material in subsequent classes.

Reception: 5-6pm
Lecture: 6-7pm

Thomas Jefferson University
Bluemle Life Sciences Building
233 S. 10th Street (10th an Locust), Philadelphia 19104

Discounted parking at the garage on 11th and Locust (entrance on 11th Street under the Hamilton Bldg)