Antibiotics: what have we learned and what might the future look like?

Steve Baker, Ph.D.
Director of Chemistry
Antibacterial Discovery Performance Unit

1250 S. Collegeville Road, UP4301
Collegeville, Pennsylvania

GSK experience suggests traditional antibacterial drug development has a much lower success rate than other therapeutic areas. Comparing these areas, one striking difference is the size of the dose; antibacterials require much higher doses and typically multiple grams per day. This presentation will share our experience and challenges developing traditional antibiotics and suggest transformational approaches that could help create a strong pipeline to provide much needed new antibiotics.

5:00 pm,  Free Reception, 1rst Floor Lounge
6-7pm, Seminar,  Room 101, 1rst Floor

Thomas Jefferson University,  Bluemle Life Sciences Building
233 S. 10th Street (10th and Locust)
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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