Presidents of the Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the Society of American Bacteriologists which became the Eastern Pennsylvania Branch of the American Society for Microbiology.

1Dr. David Bergey
Univ of Pennsylvania
1920-1922Began 24 February
2Dr. Randle C. Rosenberger
Jefferson Medical College
3Dr. A. C. Abbott
Univ of Pennsylvania
4Dr. Eugene L. Opie
Henry Phipps Institute
1927-1928Served Until May 1928
5Dr. J. L.T. Appleton, Jr.
Univ of Pennsylvania Dental School
1928-1929Began in October
6Dr. Joseph D. Aronson
Henry Phipps Institute
1930-1931Served Until October 1931
7Dr. Jefferson Clark
Philadelphia General Hospital
1931-1934November 1931 Until May 1934
8Dr. Evan L. Stubbs
Univ of Pennsylvania Veterinary School
1934-1935Began in October
9Dr. Carl J. Bucher
Thomas Jefferson Hospital
10Mr. Christopher G. Roos
Sharp and Dohme Labs
11Dr. Stuart Mudd
Univ of Pennsylvania
12Dr. William A. Kreidler
Jefferson Medical College
13Dr. Earle H. Spaulding
Temple Univ Sch of Medicine
14Dr. Harry E. Morton
Univ of Pennsylvania
15Dr. William Verwey
Sharp and Dohme Labs
16Dr. Amedeo Bondi
Temple Univ Sch of Medicine
17Dr. James Harrison
Biology Dept, Temple University
18Dr. Ruth E. Miller
Women’s Medical College
19Dr. Kenneth Goodner
Jefferson Medical College
20Dr. Morton Klein
Temple Univ Sch of Medicine
21Dr. Joseph S. Gots
University of Pennsylvania
22Dr. L. Joe Berry
Bryn Mawr College
23Dr. Harold S. Ginsberg
Univ of Pennsylvania
24Dr. Albert G. Moat
Hahnemann Medical College
25Dr. George Warren
Wyeth Laboratories
26Dr. Herman Friedman (deceased)
Albert Einstein Medical Center
27Dr. James Prier (deceased)
PA Department of Health Labs
28Dr. Richard L. Crowell
Hahnemann Medical College
1974-1975Jan 1974 Until June 1975
29Dr. Norman P. Willett (deceased)
Temple Univ Sch of Medicine
1975-1977July 1975 Until June 1977
30Dr. Robert J. Mandle (deceased)
Jefferson Medical College
1977-1979July 1977 Until June 1979
31Dr. Joseph F. Pagano
Smith Kline and French Labs
1979-1981July 1979 Until June 1981
32Dr. John C. McKitrick (deceased)
Univ of Pennsylvania
1981July 1981 Until October 1981
33Dr. Henry R. Beilstein (deceased)
Philadelphia Public Health Dept
1981-1983November 1981 Until June 1983
34Dr. Toby K. Eisenstein
Temple Univ Sch of Medicine
1983-1985July 1983 Until June 1985
35Dr. Donald D. Stieritz
Hahnemann Medical College
1985-1987July 1985 Until June 1987
36Dr. James A. Poupard
Medical College of Pennsylvania
1987-1989July 1987 Until June 1989
37Dr. Paul Actor (deceased)
Smith Kline and French Labs
1989-1991July 1989 Until June 1991
38Dr. Alan Evangelista
Cooper Medical Center
1991-1993July 1991 Until June 1993
39Dr. Linda A. Miller
Holy Redeemer Hospital
1993-1995July 1993 Until June 1995
40Mr. Paul Cerwinka (deceased)
MetPath Laboratories (now Quest Diagnostis)
1995-1997July 1995 Until June 1997
41Dr. Richard Rest
MCP-Hahnemann Med School
1997-1999July 1997 Until June 1999
42Dr. Irving Nachamkin
Univ of Pennsylvania
1999-2001July 1999 Until June 2001
43Dr. Donald Jungkind
Thomas Jefferson University
2001-2003July 2001 Until June 2003
44Dr. Olarae Giger
Main Line Clinical Laboratories
2003-2005July 2003 Until June 2005
45Dr. David A. Axler (deceased)
Temple University
2005-2006July 2005 Until June 2006
46Dr. Bettina Buttaro
Temple Univ Sch of Medicine
2006-2009July 2006 Until June 2009
47Dr. Laura Chandler
Philadelphia VA Med Center
2009-2011July 2009 Until June 2011
48 Dr. Patrick J. Piggot   (deceased)
Temple Univ Sch of Medicine
2011-2013 July 2011 Until June 2013
49 Dr. John Reyne
2013-2015 July 2013 Until June 2015 
50Dr. Simon Knight
Univ of Pennsylvania
2015-2017July 2015 Until June 2017
51Dr. Cagla Tukel
Temple University
2017-2019July 2017 Until June 2019
52Dr. Dieter M. Schifferli
Univ of Pennsylvania
2019-2021July 2019 Until June 2021
53Dr. Michelle Kutzler
Drexel University