1.  2010 to Present- Current and Archived Branch Website.    (www.epaasm.org)  
From 2010 Branch records were switched to an electronic format. Most of these records are available on the Branch website [both the current and archived version]. Note: Once a year (usually in December) a member of the Jefferson University archive staff supervises the task of archiving the   Branch website to preserve all the material on the site at that time.

2.  2010 to Present- Branch Archive Committee Electronic Storage Collection.
A limited amount of archived material from 2010 to the present (and some material as early as 2004) is only available by contacting a representative of the Branch Archive Committee. This material is saved electronically (on two USB flash drives) and held for the Branch by the Archives Committee. This process was initiated to capture relevant material or information that was either not present on the Branch Website, (such as Executive Committee Minutes) or other material that may be difficult to locate elsewhere.