Table B. Branch Member Biographies: 1977 to 2006

Over the years there were biographical series published in our newsletters. These three series are: Past Presidents (PPS); Microbiographies (MS) and Distinguished Member Honorees (DHS). Note: NL refers to the Branch Newsletter, most editions have a Volume (V.) and number (No.) while other editions are by date only. All newsletters and DHS brochures are available in the Branch Archives at Thomas Jefferson University.  

Abramson, Carl  NL: June 2003 p. 8-11.  2003 brochure DHS  
Bartola, Josephine  NL: 2005 p. 8-10.  2005 brochure DHS  
Beilstein, Henry R.  2001 brochure DHS  
Bondi, Amedeo  NL: 1978 Jan. V.19 No.1 p.4 MS
                                   1998  brochure DHS  
Crowell, Richard L. 2006 brochure DHS  
Cundy, Kenneth R. 1999 brochure  DHS  
Eisenstein, Toby 1978 NL: Sept-Oct V.19 No.8 p.4 MS
Harrison, James Alexander NL: 1984 Oct V.25 No.8 p.5 MS
Kleger, Bruce  2000 brochure DHS
Lennette, David  NL: 1978 Nov V.19 No.9 p.3 MS
Mandle, Robert  NL: 1977 Nov. p.3 MS
Miller, Ruth  NL: 1980 Jan V.21 No.1 p.3-4 PPS
Moat, Albert G. NL: 1983 Sept V.24 No.7 p.5-6  PPS
Mudd, Stuart  S,  1995 Mudd file DHS 
Morton, Harry E. NL: 1978 April V.19 No.4 p.4-5 MS
                                    1996 brochure DHS  
Pagano, Joseph  NL: 1978 May V.19 No.5 p. 4-5 MS
Prier, James E.  NL: 1978 June V.19 No.6 p.4-5 MS
                                  2004 brochure DHS
Spaulding, Earl H. NL: 1978 March V.19 No.3  p.4 MS
                                      1997 brochure DHS  
Stubbs, Evan  NL: 1979 March V.20 No.3 p.4-5 PPS
Verway, Willard Foster NL: 1979 June V.20 No.6 p.6-7 PPS
Warren, George H. NL: 1983 March V.23 No.3 p.2 PPS
Willett, Norman P. NL: 1977 Dec V.18 No.2 p6,  NL: 1997 Dec p.4 MS,  
                                       NL: June 2002 p.3-4 MS,  2002 brochure  DHS